Šimanovci – Phase 5

The storage space of 15670 m2 in the industrial zone 5.1 in Simanovci


Project: Šimanovci – Phase 5



Šimanovci – Phase 5

The storage space of 15670 m2 in the industrial zone 5.1 in Simanovci


About the project

After successfully completing the construction of four logistics facilities in the industrial zone 5.1 Šimanovci, we began the construction of the fift and largest building of 15670 m2 in size. The building is located not far from the existing built objects that have found their use. We started the works in April 2018. The facility is also accompanied by parking lots for cars, vans, trucks and lorries. The project was done in accordance with all the international standards, including standards of FM Global sprinkler system, as well as the standards of energy efficiency of the building. Excellent geographical location allows rapid development of the industrial zone in Simanovci 5.1.
I.P. B. Industrial Park Belgrade is located right next to the Belgrade-Zagreb highway (E70), on the 20th kilometer from Belgrade in Šimanovci. It is directly connected to the highway, without the need for paying a toll from Belgrade. It is located 10km away from Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” as well as cargo customs terminal, and only 30 km away from the port of Belgrade and Belgrade’s part of Corridor 10 highway. It is directly connected to the ring road around Belgrade so you can turn to any desired destination, without entering the city: The direction Zagreb through Ljubljana to Italy. In the direction of Novi Sad via Subotica to Hungary. Towards Niš via Skopje to Greece. In the direction of Čačak via Užice to Montenegro. In the direction of Bijeljina and Banja Luka towards B & H.
LOGISTIC PARK The logistics park is inhabited by different users and providers of services in the field of logistics, transport and similar complementary and related systems and services. The logistic park can contain more distribution centers and different terminals, warehouses (wholesale, retail or importer), shopping centers, various value added logistics (VAL) activities, etc.. Locating fixed objects in the supply chain, which applies to logistics centers, represents important elements in adopting decisions that affect the entire network. Transport infrastructure is one of the most important elements of logistics infrastructural works. Logistics centers must have access to well-developed transport infrastructure (access roads / highways, railways, etc.). Availability of the logistics center in relation to other logistics centers, and their connection with the transport network, is essential for the success of the center. This means that the transport infrastructure is one of the most important elements that should be included in the process of determining the location of the logistics center.

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IPB d.o.o. - Industrijski Park Beograd - kompanija koja je specijalizovana za rasvoj savremenih logističkih centara